Sell your Bitcoins for fiat money

1) Withdrawl / Cashout

We assume from here that you already have read Step 1 and Step 2 of our tutorial. If not, please begin there.

First you have to send back your coins from Bitmex in your Wallet.
Open Electrum and switch to "Receive". Please copy the adress you see there to clipbord. We need it soon.

Now go to Bitmex and Select Account->Withdraw in Bitmex for this purpose. At destination address paste the address you have copied before. Check everything and click "Submit". Please note that BitMEX processes withdrawals with manual review once a day (and not instantly) for security reasons. If you want your Bitcoins on the same day, you have to submit your withdrawal by 13:00 UTC.

2) Sell your Bitcoins

For selling your Bitcoins and get back your local currency, you have to go back to your exchange (we have described the exchanges in Part 1). But now choose Sell instead of Buy. You will see something like this:

After entering your data, you will get something like on the following screen:

Copy the adress you see and open your Electrum. Switch to "Send", enter the amount that is shown and send it.