How to Buy Bitcoins

1) Create a Wallet

As first, you have to download a wallet, where you can store your bitcoins. We recommend Electrum, which you can download here for most operating systems. If you use Windows, you can use this direct download link: electrum-2.9.3-setup.exe

When you are installing Electrum and launch it for the first time, you can just click next - the default settings are fine.

2) Buy Bitcoins

You can buy Bitcoins via exchanges which give you Bitcoins for sending EUR or Dollar or other currencies. Which exchange you can use depends on your current location.

If you are in Europe, we recommend the following: Litebit, Anycoindirect, Bitpanda
If you are located in USA, you can use: CoinBase, Bitquick
If you are in Russia, you can use: Coinmama or Localbitcoins
If you are in Japan, you can use: Coinmama or Localbitcoins
For other countrys or more plattforms please check yourself at buybitcoinworldwide or check with google via "buy bitcoins in yourcontry"

Please not that after the registration you have to verify your identity in most cases and this needs from several hours to serval days.

When the exchange has verified you, we open Electrum and switch to "Receive". Please copy the adress you see there to clipbord. We need it soon.

We go now back to our exchange and you can start to buy coins. You will get a dialog like this (it varies depending on the platform you have chosen):
Paste the address you copied in the appropriate edit field. Please note that you can "split" bitcoin. So you can buy e.g. only 0.01 or even 0.007 Coins if you want.

The coins will be send to you as soon your payment has been completed. When you now click on History you will find your amount. Please not that they have to be verified ("Confirmed") by the Bitcoin-Network until you can use them. This takes at least 10-20 Minutes. You can also right-click on an entry and select "View on Block Explorer" to check your confirmation-status.